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‘No Guarantee’ Debut with Jason D’Amore

Singer-songwriter Jason D’Amore’s debut album may rock the title No Guarantee but what is guaranteed from this quiet, unassuming upstate New Yorker is great tunes.

D’Amore turns his hand to any number of styles or themes to suit his – or more importantly, the listener’s – mood. These are showcased throughout No Guarantee – an album so accomplished, so thoughtful and so mature it’s hard to imagine it isn’t the work of a grizzled veteran of the scene.

D’Amore has been honing his craft since 1994, playing and writing music both on his own and with various bands. Says he wanted… “the feeling of creating something that didn’t exist prior and being part of its evolving process”.

This is the ethos shared by songwriters the world over – makes the best stand out.

D’Amore’s music lends itself to quiet reflection. Grow with every listen. From the atmospheric, cinematic Gone Away to the grungy, rock singalong of The Love, the expert finger-picking and harmonies of I’ll Be Fine and the rich warmth of I Do It For You, this is a collection of tunes with depth and meaning.

Jumping from dark introspection to uplifting moments of melodic brilliance No Guarantee is more than the collective sum of its exceptional parts. It’s clear that D’Amore borrows a little something from the last 40 years of rock, pop and folk’s hall of fame. You can hear aspects of Hendrix, Bowie and the Rolling Stones in ‘No Guarantee’, alongside modern greats like Radiohead, Nirvana and U2. Yet the album’s true voice is unmistakeably D’Amore.

Rockin’ a voice that has won him plenty of fans and a wave of overwhelmingly positive reviews on Reverbnation, D’Amore’s legion of fans is set to grow and grow.

No Guarantee is out now on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Nimbit and at

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